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Create a Brand for Business Success 

In these increasingly competitive times, businesses must stand out to survive. 

To capture people’s attention and stick in their minds, you need to go one step further than your competitors, and focus on creating a brand. 

The centrepiece of a brand, around which everything else revolves, is a logo. Quite simply, this is the symbol for your company – what everyone thinks of as soon as your name is mentioned. Creating the right logo for your brand is an incredibly powerful promotional tool. 

Experienced, Creative Logo Designer 

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I am a freelance web services consultant with a background in design. I have created logos for a wide range of business clients, and I’m here to do the same for you! I still find it amazing how many businesses either don’t have a logo at all, or have one but fail to get the most out of it by using it on all their promotional and advertising materials. Coming up with an amazing logo is one the first step – you need to use it to connect with customers and help your business stand head and shoulders above its competitors. 

What Makes a Good Logo? 

A great logo design is a combination of many different factors. It should be simple – too complicated and it is likely to confuse people, which will be counterproductive.

A simple logo can be quickly recognised, even at a distance or when it is produced in a very small size. Colour is important too – during the design process I will test several versions of your logo in different colour combinations.

Your logo will often be printed in black and white, no matter what colours you give it originally, so it needs to look just as good in monochrome. Above all, the colours should not interfere with the message or prevent it being recognised. 

Don’t Underestimate Simplicity! 

A logo and a tagline are two different things, although they are often used together. Your logo is just the symbol, without any words. If your logo is used in a very small size, any words will be illegible. The same goes for incorporating text within the logo itself, although there are exceptions to this. All the best logos work without a tagline, while giving the option of using one when desired. Of course, I can use my copywriting skills to help you come up with an effective tagline too! 

Think about all the logos you see on a regular basis – online, on billboards and on packaging. The ones that are instantly recognisable are simple, unique and very effective. This is what you should be aiming for, and I’m the person to help you achieve it! 

By working with me to create the very best logo for your business, you can be sure of personal attention, excellent communication and competitive prices. Get in touch today and let’s take the exciting first step of turning your business into a brand!  

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