How to Generate Sales Leads For Your Startup

After you have set up your business, you now have to worry about how you will get customers to come to you. In the beginning it can be rather difficult and discouraging particularly if it is your first time in the business world.

However, with a few practical tips, you can ease your way into business without much struggle. Granted, the tips will require plenty of hard work and a quick mind, but they are worth all the effort. Here is how to generate sales leads for your startup.

Tips for Generating Sales Leads for your Startups

1. Content Marketing

Content marketing refers to pitching your products through writing content. Often, the best tools for content marketing are websites and blog posts.

In order to make the most of content marketing, you must create interesting, informative and helpful content. Doing so will establish you as a brand authority and this makes potential customers view you as being trustworthy.

With content marketing, the urge to overly praise your products can be very tempting. Unfortunately, it simply doesn’t work: people will only view you as a desperate seller. Focus more on creating quality content and the rest will take care of itself.

You should however include calls to action in your content. It is a great way to ask for email address of your readers so that you can put them in an email funnel which gradually convinces them to buy your products or services.

A new startup that is currently utilizing content marketing effectively is Task Pigeon, a task management application startup based out of Sydney Australia. They run a comprehensive blog and utilize the concept of transparency to generate attention and readership for their content.

2. Leverage your Network

When you have just set up your business, finding new people who may be interested in your products can be challenging. This is why you should leverage the relationships you already have to introduce your product or service to the market.

Do you have friends or family who work at a company that may need your products? Then don’t hesitate to ask them to introduce your products to the organization.

This works particularly well if your product or service solves a problem that people in the organization have been facing. If your products are great, they will market themselves far more than you possibly could.

3. Cold Call/ Cold Email

Although people generally have a negative attitude towards cold calling or cold emailing, it is a technique that has actually been shown to work. But brace yourself for the hard work and disappointment that are synonymous with this technique.

Typically cold calling or cold emailing involves reaching out to people who have not shown any interest in your products and pitching them to the potential customers. It is different from spam because with cold calling or emailing, you are truthful about what you want from the onset.

Because this can be a grueling task, it is important that you set apart some time every day for cold calling or emailing. This is because you may often be tempted to push it aside for the next day, and eventually end up never doing it.

Consistency in cold calling or emailing can be very rewarding for small startups. Additionally, be sure to respect the wishes of those you reach out to. If they no longer want to receive your emails or calls, simply refrain from contacting them in the future.

4. Utilize LinkedIn and Social Media

There is no better place to reach out to people by the hundreds of thousands other than social media. Initially, you can simply pitch your products or services to as many people as you can possibly reach. With time however you will need to identify your target audience who often are people that have shown interest in your products, as they are more likely to purchase them.

LinkedIn is particularly helpful in this respect. With LinkedIn, you can find the exact company that you need to reach out to and pitch your products to them. This is usually very effective in generating sales leads. Here’s some top do’s and dont’s for Linkedin.

5. Work with Other Startups

Finally, working with other small businesses can also help generate sales leads. How does this work you ask?

Generally, if you make a product that can be complimented by a product sold by another startup, you can use joint proposals to help improve sales. Say for instance you find an email marketing software and you also know someone who makes a Customer Relationship Management Tool. Pitching those products together can help improve sales better than pitching each separately.